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Testimonials & Reviews

Dental After Hours

David Flynn, DDS

Dentist located in Bountiful, UT

40 total reviews

Dr. David Flynn always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 40 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. David Flynn below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Lisa W.
Submitted 10/13/20
Dr Flynn and his staff are professional, kind and actually fun to be around (even for a dentist office). My family and I will always chose Dr Flynn!
Dixie B.
Submitted 10/07/20
Dr. Flynn was very exacting. He wanted to make sure that everything fit is comfortable and worked well. He spent the time that was necessary to make sure everything was right and I was comfortable with it. Their prices were very reasonable. I would have no problem recommending him to anyone else.
Jennifer B.
Submitted 09/28/20
I trust Dr. Flynn.
Dave C.
Submitted 09/22/20
Great experience, excellent dentist, and dental assistant. Recommend them to anyone. Five star
John M.
Submitted 09/07/20
Dr Flynn and his staff went above and beyond. They got me in, in an emergency and even let me know an appointment opened earlier than the original. I was in so much pain going in. What started as an emergency turned into my future dentist. His office does amazing work, the pricing is better than any others I've seen, I felt comfortable and even though I had a difficult emergency double extraction I felt little pain getting numbing and no pain what so ever after. Thank you guys!
Tara M.
Submitted 08/28/20
Dr. Flynn and his assistant were So amazing! They rushed me in on a Sunday without question and with very positive attitudes! Great office environment!
Diane M.
Submitted 08/20/20
They Got me in right away for an emergency appointment. Dr Flynn and Hailey do a great job. I’ve gone to him for prob 10 years or more, with the addition of Hailey to the staff I’ll go forever, (she sings along with the radio while working on you, takes your mind off what’s happening..haha Thanks guys
Diane H.
Submitted 07/21/20
Always satisfied with visits to Dr. Flynn. He is thorough and goes the extra mile. Been going to him for number of years..
Ryan S.
Submitted 07/17/20
These guys have been awesome! I had an incident on a Friday where a tooth was so sensitive I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t drink water. Nothing helped. Couldn’t get an appointment anywhere else unless I paid a $495 after hours fee. Dr. Flynn took me in the next morning, a Saturday, no extra charge. He found a cracked tooth, and I had a root canal the following Monday. After a day or two of Tylenol, pain was gone. They put on a crown that feels like it’s been there my whole life. Just today, I had the easiest cleaning of my life. They gave me some guidance to deal with sensitivity that’s bothered me for years. No doubt I’ll be coming back here.
Justin K.
Submitted 05/19/20
Ever leave a place of business and the only thing on your mind is getting back to your place of business and throwing ink to paper because the service you just received went one of two ways? The simple fact that a mere 3 days ago I had pulled out what equates to a modern day Yellow Pages, drew in a heap of fresh air and began the arduous task of cold-calling new dentists for what I like to envision as a "Meet-N-Greet." An entry-level numbing of the pain, if you will. Before I really put the wheels in motion on this review I'd like to make one thing clear, extremely clear. The level of time and thought dedicated on my part, as well as the amount of fun I have writing a review like this, is directly proportional to the overall quality of care and service I receive from a professional in this arena. So let's get started. As I rolled into the parking lot my heart rate was already in dangerous territory, the sweat now forming on my forehead and cheeks, the A/C in my car cranked full-tilt with little to no relief at all. As I swung open the building doors I immediately heard laughter coming from within Dr. Flynn's office which was now in sight, my preconceived notions having now been cast - only to be dispelled a short time later. "You must be Mr. King," the lady behind the desk welcoming me almost as though I'd been missed. Her voice and demeanor immediately set me at ease, the blood now returning to my face as her body language and personable yet professional mannerisms somehow had me filling out paperwork and making me feel as though it was more like a a pre-approved Visa with a generous spending limit. You know the one's I'm talking about. The kind that make you feel like a million bucks while you're spending but have the potential to suck the life out of you down the road. Haley, Haley Haws I believe it is. You are a shining example of what customer relations should be molded after. From the moment I stepped into that office you never let me feel as though the experience was going to be anything but pleasant. And folks, believe me if you will, it was the most relaxing dental experience to this date in my life. If you paid attention you'll notice I didn't say it was the most fun dental appointment, or the coolest and most unique dental experience. No, it wasn't any of those things, but that's not what we go to the dentist for and come to expect. Nor would we ever believe somebody telling us we were about to have the most relaxing dental visit of all time...but it was! Dental After Hours provided me a truly relaxing dental experience in a friendly and inviting atmosphere worthy of a thousand accolades. Oh, yes, Dr. David Flynn. In my uninitiated opinion I have no doubt as to his professional skills and ability to transform smiles. The single defining attribute that caught my attention, the one defining characteristic trait that I can make claim to having first hand knowledge of, is that of character coupled with integrity. You see, I had a special need that day, a need for a unique and potentially costly service that would be shared mutually with Dr. Flynn and another provider. With favorable end results via a conference telephone call, Dr. Flynn and Ms. Haws were able to manage a lower overall cost with provider 2. That whole lower cost thing Dr. Flynn wrestled for on my behalf... it literally tugged at my gut like a rickety, old, roller coaster. At the same time it served to renew my faith in humanity while extending a level of respect to Dr. Flynn usually reserved for someone you would call a best friend! NO MATTER HOW FAR BACK I REACH INTO MY MIND I SIMPLY CANNOT RECALL ANY INSTANCE WITH REGARDS TO DENTAL WORK THAT COMES CLOSE TO THE WARM AND INVITING MANNER IN WHICH I WAS TREATED TODAY. COUPLE THAT WITH AN UNPRECEDENTED ATMOSPHERE CONDUCIVE TO RELAXATION AND YOU HAVE A RECIPE FOR SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, WHICH IS EXACTLY THE GRADE THEY DESERVE! Thank you Kindly, Dr. Flynn and Ms. Haws. Sincerely, Justin King
Chris S.
Submitted 05/11/20
Dr. Flynn was the best dentist I've been to,very professional and helpful with my visit. The easiest cleaning I have ever had,and his assistant helped make the time go by with great conversation. They really make you not fear the dentist and being able to go in on a sunday was perfect!
Vera H.
Submitted 05/09/20
I had a tooth break, severe pain. I had already had an appt. w/Monarch on Mon (other issue). I called Monarch was directed to an emergency # due to severity of pain. I was told to wait til Mon. 11th. I called DENTAL AFTER HOURS. They had me in their office numbing me with 90 mins of call. I love this place. Dr David Flynn, and Hailey is an absolute doll. They make you feel like you are the most important person on earth. I wish I could give them 100 STARS. I am canceling my appt with Monarch Dental.
Christopher B.
Submitted 05/02/20
Cleaning and wisdom teeth removal went really well. Has always been my favorite dentist!
Steve S.
Submitted 04/20/20
Dr. Flynn & his staff (Hailey) are the best. Professional service, knowledgeable with flexible hours for patient convenience !
Clarice C.
Submitted 12/08/19
Very rewarding and educational on what was happening in my mouth. Cleaning not painful. Glad to be seeing Dr. Flynn
Todd G.
Submitted 12/06/19
Excellent job, great staff. Attention to detail, thorough explanation of procedures. Appreciate the care they provided.
Steve S.
Submitted 11/28/19
Dr. Flynn & staff are great . They are always professional & their work is excellent. Their new hours meet the needs of working & are not just 9-5. Keep up the good work. I would highly recommend him !
Nina L.
Submitted 10/22/19
David C.
Submitted 10/16/19
Jolene O.
Submitted 09/28/19
I was having severe tooth pain. Dr Flynn and his staff came in on his day off. They were happy and upbeat and fixed my problem while trying to make me feel as comfortable as possible. Overall I was super pleased and only paid half of what I was quoted at other dentists.