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David Flynn, DDS

Dentist located in Bountiful, UT

Cavities caused by tooth decay are one of the most common dental conditions, which is why it’s important to have a dentist who knows how to do fillings right. David Flynn, DDS, provides exceptionally gentle and effective fillings for his patients at Dental After Hours in Bountiful, Utah. To learn more about how Dr. Flynn can give your smile a second chance with high-quality dental fillings, schedule a visit today by calling the office or booking online.

Fillings Q & A

What is a filling?

A filling is a classic dental procedure that Dr. Flynn performs to treat cavities caused by tooth decay. Dr. Flynn drills out the decayed portion of your tooth and fills in the hole with a substance that hardens and seals off the cavity. This protects the decay from spreading further, and also keeps new decay out of the cavity.

What is a cavity?

Cavities are holes in your teeth that are caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs when plaque sits on your teeth for too long. There are certain acids in plaque that eat away at the hard outer layer (the enamel) of your teeth. Over time, this creates a tiny hole, called a cavity. 

Cavities start small, but they grow larger if they’re not taken care of. Untreated cavities can lead to more significant tooth decay, severe pain, and tooth loss. 

What are fillings made from?

Dental fillings can be made from a variety of substances, including:

  • Gold
  • Silver (amalgam)
  • Composite resin
  • Glass ionomer
  • Porcelain or ceramic

Dr. Flynn can work with you to select a filling material that’s best suited for your particular needs and preferences, which likely depend on where your filling is in your mouth.

What should I expect from my filling?

Dr. Flynn administers your filling with a quick and easy process that only requires one office visit. 

First, he numbs your tooth and the surrounding tissue with a local anesthetic. Next, he removes all of the decay from your affected tooth with a drill, air abrasion instrument, or laser. 

Once all of the decay has been cleared out, he cleans the bacteria and debris out of the cavity area and fills it with the filling material. The material only takes a few minutes to dry, and he might speed up this process using a special curing light. 

Once your filling is dry, you’re all set. You’re able to eat, speak, and smile regularly as soon as you leave the office.

To learn more about how Dr. Flynn can improve your oral health with fillings, schedule an appointment today by calling the offices or booking a visit online.