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We are available to take emergency appointments, after hours and on the weekends when we are not in the office. Please call for emergency appointments.

Emergency Dentistry Specialist

Dental After Hours

David Flynn, DDS

Dentist located in Bountiful, UT

Emergencies happen, and when they do, you want to make sure that you’re in good hands. David Flynn, DDS, is a highly skilled dentist who provides top-notch emergency dentistry care for his patients at Dental After Hours in Bountiful, Utah. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, call the office immediately to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is the treatment of oral conditions that require immediate attention. You normally need emergency dentistry if you’ve suffered some sort of severe physical trauma, like getting a tooth knocked out or significantly cracked, but it can be necessary in other situations, such as in the case of a severely infected tooth.

If you’ve had a dental emergency, head to Dental After Hours as soon as possible. Getting to the office within 30 minutes of your injury could mean the difference between saving or losing your tooth. 

Dental After Hours offers extended office hours to better serve its emergency patients. They’re open 11am-8pm Monday through Thursday, and 9am-6pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday every other weekend.

Do I need emergency dentistry?

There are a number of reasons why you might need emergency dentistry, including a sports-related injury, an automobile accident, or biting down too hard on something. Some specific examples of dental emergencies include:

  • Nerve damage
  • A knocked-out tooth
  • Severe tooth or mouth pain
  • A tooth that’s been severely cracked
  • A tooth with a significant piece missing
  • Swelling in your mouth, gums, or tongue
  • Bleeding in your gums, cheeks, or tongue

Some situations don’t always require emergency treatment, like minor fractures or a slightly chipped tooth, but it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. 

If you’re unsure about whether your condition constitutes a dental emergency, call the office of Dental After Hours to help you determine whether you need immediate treatment.

What should I do until my appointment?

If you act quickly, you stand a good chance of saving your damaged tooth. The first thing you should do is rinse your mouth and call Dental After Hours for an emergency appointment.

If your tooth has been entirely knocked out of its socket, clean the inside of your mouth with warm water, and rinse the knocked-out tooth. Be careful to never touch the tooth by its roots, though — you should only ever hold it by the crown (the top part). 

If you can, try to get the tooth back in its socket. If you’re successful in reinserting the tooth, bite down softly on it with a piece of wet gauze or a moistened tea bag. Make sure you don’t swallow the tooth.

If you can’t get your tooth back into the empty socket, put it in a glass of milk or saliva until you get to the dentist. This helps prevent the roots from drying out.

Whatever your dental emergency, Dental After Hours can help. Call the office immediately to book your appointment.